Food Science

August 25th, 2011 by admin

I was at a farmers market a few weekends ago, and there were a lot of meat venders there.  One person was selling ground buffalo, another selling ground elk, and a third selling ground grass fed beef.  Exotic meats fascinate me, so I bought all three.  I ended up with three pounds of meat.  One thing I love more than exotic meats is science.  So, I decided to set up a taste test so I could figure out what the best meat was.

Eighteen people, six pounds and three hours later, I ended up with some results!

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Pea Ice Cream

October 10th, 2010 by admin

I love peas.  I have a long standing theory that peas make everything better.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that peas are the greatest food ever — I’m just saying that this equation is true:

X + peas > X

I have done a number of different experiments in the past:

  1. Peas  with Macaroni and Cheese (Add in some tuna, and it’s heavenly)
  2. Peas with Spaghetti and Marinara
  3. Peas in Burgers
  4. Peas on Pizza
  5. Peas with Peas (More peas!  Delicious!)

All of tests were wild successes.  Dinner and lunch have been defeated.  But, there was always the question, “What about dessert?”  Pea Ice Cream?  Is that heresy?

Note: All of the charts and graphs are using Tableau. This is neat, because it allows all of the graphs to be interactive. Click on different parts of the graph to do extra filtering or get extra information. On the flip side, the main page may take a moment to load and requires JavaScript.

Update: Tableau, although an awesome tool for making graphs, is not that awesome for embedding. It doesn’t work with Google Chrome, and it takes forever to load on any other web browser. I replaced the graphs with static images. If you want interactive graphs, click on them

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August 14th, 2010 by alan

On Friday, we decided to take a day trip to Williamstown, Mass.  The weather was beautiful, the downtown was quaint, the Williams College Museum of Art was free and pretty well stocked (I found my new favorite artist, William E Edgerton), the A Frame Bakery had some awesome apple cake, and Sushi Thai Garden was pretty cheap and good.

But, the two highlights were The Red Herring restaurant and the Williamstown Theatre Festival.  Now, we didn’t actually go to either of these places, but they were still quite memorable.  When we arrived in town, it was around noon.  We wandered about main street trying to decide on lunch.  There was an Indian place, a Thai place, and a place called ‘The Red Herring Victuals.’  So we decided to check out the red herring.  They, of course, were closed.  The owner wandered by as we were at the door and told us that they would open at 1pm.  I have my doubts… Google thinks their website is this, two of the three reviews on yelp are from the same people… I just think the Red Herring is aptly named, and is simply a red herring.

The other amusement was the Williamstown Theatre Festival.  We didn’t see a play or anything, but how can you be in a town and be named the ‘WTF?’  Their website even uses the term ‘WTF’!

…theatre you’ve come to expect from the WTF. Period. [...] Each summer, WTF presents a full theatrical season compressed into just two months.  [...] with each WTF production [...]
WTF?  Forget the fact that they are just a theatre house and not even a festival, but has no one clued them in?  Is it on purpose?  What is going on?