Whenever I sign up for a service, I create a unique e-mail address for that account. That way, if you send me spam, I can shut off that e-mail address and not be overwhelmed by offers for penis enlargement.

I was looking in my spam folder, and I noticed some e-mails titled “Re:BestPlayCasino#Click”, “Re:ForYou$BlackJack>Get” and other similarly spammy titles. I was oh so excited: my trap has been sprung! Who sold my e-mail address? Was it the tiny little miracle fruit seller? Or maybe it was the forum I had to sign up to learn about some gardening issues I had?

Nope, EA. a.k.a. Electronic Arts. Seriously? A huge multinational company? Boo on you, EA, boo! Once again: Little companies are trustworthy while huge companies are jerks.

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