I love delicious food. I love ridiculous themes. I love math. So, Pi day, a holiday celebrated around the world by nerds and math teachers, holds a special place in my heart. I commented to a friend that we should have a Pi day party, and she said she was already throwing a party and we should incorporate Pi. How could I say no?  What’s nerdier than a comic and pi party?  The whole Pi Day thing was my idea, so I had to bake a pi(e)…



Update: I entered the Serious Eats Pi Day Contest: http://www.instructables.com/id/Pi-and-math/

So, I photographed my pie construction.  Please keep in mind, I had some technical difficulties so some of the pictures didn’t really work out:

Empty Pi!

Next came 3 apples:


Then a second layer of crust:

. crust

Then 14 strawberries:

14 strawberries

Then a raisin:

1 raisin (trust me)(trust me)

Then 5 more apples:

5 apples

Then 92 blueberries:

92 blueberries

Then 6 strawberries:


Finally 5 pieces of rhubarb:

5 rhubarb!

After it was cooked for about 45 minutes:

How does it taste? Not half bad!  But, more importantly, it’s mathematically sound: 3 (apples) [crust] 14 (strawberries) 1 (raisin) 5 (apples) 92 (blueberries) 6 (strawberries) 5 (pieces of rhubarb) or 3.14159265…

But wait, there’s more! Instead of talking about number of items, let’s talk mass! On the bottom we have 465 grams of apples.  On the top we have 302 grams of strawberries, one gram of raisins, 776 grams of apples, 116 grams of blueberries, 75 grams of strawberries, and 191 grams of rhubarb.

Putting that another way, it’s 302 + 1 + 776 + 116 + 75 + 191 / 465 … or 1461 / 465 … also known as 3.142.

My take aways:

  • Peeling apples without a peeler sucks. I don’t know where my apple peeler is… but I had to peel with a knife. It also threw off some of my numbers and I had to pick smaller pieces of rhubarb to make up for weight differences.
  • Strawberries are a lot heavier than I expected. I originally had 31 strawberries on the bottom,but I could not get the math to work out with the division.
  • I feel like I kind of cheated with the raisin, but it seemed to work out… It added an added game at the party:  Whoever got the raisin won $3.14!
  • A pound of strawberries has about 18 to 20 strawberries in it.
  • A package of blueberries has over 100 blueberries in it.
  • Rhubarb looks like red celery.
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