Pea Ice Cream

I love peas.  I have a long standing theory that peas make everything better.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that peas are the greatest food ever — I’m just saying that this equation is true:

X + peas > X

I have done a number of different experiments in the past:

  1. Peas  with Macaroni and Cheese (Add in some tuna, and it’s heavenly)
  2. Peas with Spaghetti and Marinara
  3. Peas in Burgers
  4. Peas on Pizza
  5. Peas with Peas (More peas!  Delicious!)

All of tests were wild successes.  Dinner and lunch have been defeated.  But, there was always the question, “What about dessert?”  Pea Ice Cream?  Is that heresy?

Note: All of the charts and graphs are using Tableau. This is neat, because it allows all of the graphs to be interactive. Click on different parts of the graph to do extra filtering or get extra information. On the flip side, the main page may take a moment to load and requires JavaScript.

Update: Tableau, although an awesome tool for making graphs, is not that awesome for embedding. It doesn’t work with Google Chrome, and it takes forever to load on any other web browser. I replaced the graphs with static images. If you want interactive graphs, click on them

Out of the blue, one day a friend of mine offered me some Sweet Pea Ice Cream.  You see, his mother owns an ice cream shop, and made me few pints!

So, in the name of science, I decided to have a taste test.  The sweet pea ice cream was really mint and sweet pea ice cream.  So the question was “Compared to mint ice cream, is sweet pea better, worse or the same?”

Now, I know this is not the most scientific test.  There was no control:  I didn’t have the mint ice cream for the testers to compare against.  The group was completely self selected, since anyone who didn’t want adventure (boo!) didn’t participate.  Finally, I work at a video game company, so it’s not exactly a representative group of humans.

But, nonetheless, science must march on.  It wasn’t a perfect experiment, but it was better than no experiment at all!

I had about 80 participants.  86% of them said they liked peas.  The distribution of professions was:


But, enough background, the results:
Result Dashboard

28% thought the the peas made things worse, while 36% thought it improved the ice cream and 35% thought it didn’t change the ice cream.  Not exactly conclusive.  I decided to mine the data more carefully.  Any good scientist knows that you need to remove outliers and invalid data.  So, I realized, I should remove the people who’s opinion are obviously flawed:  People who don’t like peas!

Once we remove those crazy people, we get 40% of the people think the pea ice cream was better, 36% thought it was unchanged and 25% thought it was worse.  (Compared to the 15% better, 33% same and 50% worse for the pea haters)

Bar Graphs

Looking at the breakdown per profession, we see:

From this, we can see artists are the biggest pea ice cream lovers, designers are the pea ice cream haters.

Finally, I know what you’re thinking:  What about if I have a letter P in my name?  Does that have any correlation between my love of pea and pea ice cream?  I know it’s an obvious question, but I would be remiss to not answer said question:

As you can see, 81% of P-less people like peas, while 89% of P-named people like peas.

Following from this, it’s not surprising to see the results:

Conclusion?  Inconclusive. I can safely say:

peas + ice cream >= ice cream

For 71% of the population.  Those numbers go up to 76% if we only include pea lovers.  But, honestly, I feel that we need to do more research.  Most of the ‘unchanged’ responses were because they couldn’t taste the peas enough.  Next time, I need to have a more distinct flavor to remove any doubt.

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