CSA Week 7

This week was slightly more exciting, as the variety of food stuffs is changing.  We got a little pile of tomatoes and pears this week.  I’m not much of a raw-tomato afficianado, so I haven’t tried them yet.  The pears are pretty yummy.  Put them on a salad with lettuce, cucumber and balsamic dressing… they had a little bit of a grit to them, but they were still pretty great.

This weekend, we made some chicken curry.  Except I used no fat yogurt, and we added potatoes and carrots in with the onions, and then a zucchini and summer squash near the end, and used tenderloins instead of thighs, and I didn’t have any ginger, and I just threw in some peppers — I don’t know what kind they were.

(That delectable bread was some left overs from Mangia)

In other words, I made a recipe that vaguely resembled the cooking instructions.  The end result was pretty good.  With all of the added vegetables, we should have added more yogurt.  But, even though it was slightly watery, the vegetables made it pretty awesome.

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