Accidental Korma

Serious Eats had an article about curried meatballs with tomatoes.  I had a bunch of tomatoes from my CSA, so this was quite fascinating.  But, even though I had a bunch of tomatoes, I was missing some of the ingredients.  I didn’t have any cardamon, and no fresh ginger.  I also threw in some carrots, since carrots are awesome.  I also added some fresh spicy peppers because, well, they too are awesome.

Things were going pretty well until I reached step four that told me to run the sauce through a food mill.  I do not have a food mill.  I also prefer chunky sauces over smooth sauces, so I ignored that step.

The sauce:

Curried Meatball SauceCurried Meatballs Sauce

The meatballs:

Curried MeatballsCurried Meatballs

All together now:

Curried MeatballsCurried MeatballsCurried Meatballs

The results?   Not too bad.  Tasted just like a delicious korma.  Except much spicier than I get at most restaurants.  Also the meatballs mixed things up.  The next day, it was even more delicious.  My only regret is that I should have added peas and potatoes, it would have been much more exciting.

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