CSA Week 5 and 6

CSA Week 5 was kind of weak, to be honest…

The green beans were pretty good.  The dill was nice.  But I am sick of squash.  Probably because I don’t particularly like it at all.  And eggplant scares me.  It’s all purple and weird.  Most of my usage of the CSA this week was in salads.  Good salads, but nothing to write home about.  Also, last week I got The Flavor Bible.  That book is awesome.  It told me that dill went well with grean beans, and it did.  I threw some cashews in there too.  Pretty awesome.

This week my co-CSAer is going to Puerto Rico, so he didn’t want his half of the share.  I gave away a good amount of food (Most of the zucchini and squash), but I kept 90% of the potatoes and the entire onion.

I don’t know what the big bok choi looking thing.  Maybe they’re fordhook?  Carmen?  Who knows.  I haven’t tried them yet, so it’s still a mystery!  I did put the potatoes, onion, basil, garlic and some chicken in tinfoil and threw it on the grill.  The chicken ended up a little dry, but the veggies were quite nice.  Onions were still pretty flavorful and the potatoes were cooked almost perfectly

Yum.  I still have the eggplant from last week.  I think I’m going to make a little bit of eggplant caviar… Then I need to figure out how to use my half pint of currants, plus I have a lot of beets left…. Not sure what to do about those bad boys either.

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