CSA Week 3 and 4

Two weeks ago, I got:

According to the website, that includes: Mei Qing choi, Fordhook or Rhubarb Chard, Lincoln leeks, Purple mizuna, Parsley, Sugar Snap peas, Peppers, Multipik and Cashflow Squash, Hakurei turnips.  Mei Qing choi, purple mizuna, Multipik?  Are they just making stuff up.  Plus, look at that purple pepper.  That thing was awesome looking.

Unfortunately, purple peppers taste like green peppers.  In other words, gross.  For food, I had some salads and what not.  Plus made some stir fry:

It was all right.  Most exciting thing:  I got some delicious snap peas.  Boy, do I love snap peas.

This week, we got:

CSA Week 4

Most important thing of note:  I got more snap peas!  Hurray!  Stir fried up some chicken, cashews and vegetables again.  This time I added some cinnamon and tumeric.  I was hoping to recreate my last Moroccan adventure.  I don’t really know what I did wrong, but it was not nearly as awesome.  Maybe the lemon I added last time was a stroke of genius?  It wasn’t bad, the chicken wasn’t quite as juicy.  Although the vegetables were quite fresh tasting, and it grew on me throughout the meal

Stir Fried Veggies with Chicken

I must say, CSAs are pretty fun.

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