Wireless Failure

August 9th, 2008 by alan

I got a little excited. A little bit too excited. After my stellar success with the USB cable, I had a little bit of extra hubris. So, I compiled the sample code. I end up with an .elf, and .hex file among other things. But the wireless firmware upgrade wants a .a90 file. I needed to convert the .a90 to .hex, but how?

Random places on the internet seemed to imply that .hex files and .a90 files were the same. So, after reading and thinking for about 30 minutes, I got impatient and decided to bite the bullet and upload the .hex file.
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Raven Adventure Part 1 of …

August 7th, 2008 by alan

I have lots of incredibly lofty plans. I bought a harmonica, even though I have no musical talent. I want to set up my old X-Box in my basement to stream movies to it while I play table tennis. I want to tear up my carpeting and install hardwood floors.
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